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Q: Is your mum watching today?

CE: Elsie will be watching, I hope. I’ve tipped her off. 


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The Unquiet Dead | Touching

Because I’m not sure everyone realises how much touching was happening in this scene…

  • September,20th,2014 at 11:22 AM

christiannerd1999 said: Best Nine/Rose fanfictions?


Oh dear, we might be here a while. I read quite a few of these two, so here we go. Lots of them will be rated Adult. Enjoy, this epic giant list of Nine x Rose fics!

A Sip of Darkness, A Taste of Light  by kelkat9

Wolf Moon by  ThroughanAmberFocus and pretty much 80% of her stories

A Beautiful Disaster by isilienelenihin

A Little Too Much Spock  by lostwolf

Read More

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lookpastmyfuture said: Chris is looking fine in your new avatar!

Yes, he is :)



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Christopher Eccleston’s interview in This Morning (18.09.14)
This is the second part of the video for doortotomorrow and linnealurks. Hope you enjoy!


  • September,19th,2014 at 9:55 PM


Christopher Eccleston’s interview in This Morning (18.09.14)

I’m uploading the second part (be patient with me and my slow internet). Tomorrow I might put it in my Google Drive so you can download it for gifing needs. Requested for doortotomorrow and linnealurks


  • September,19th,2014 at 8:59 AM

CE on ‘ITV: This Morning’ promoting “The Leftovers”. Source (X)

  • September,18th,2014 at 6:58 PM


Does anyone know where to view deleted scenes from Series 1 (Ninth Doctor)? The only one I know off hand is the deleted hug from Dalek. Are there others?

If not, where is the Dalek hug found? 

Don’t know where you can view deleted scenes but that Dalek hug was included in one of the clips during Chris’ guest stint on Blue Peter. It’s around 1:47.

(and just because)



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